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Fusion Flavored with Bold Dry Rubs & Marinades

Alaskan Keta Salmon Portions

Alaskan Keta Salmon 1.25 lb Fillets

Alaskan Premium Sockeye Salmon Portions

Alaskan Pink Salmon Burgers

American North Pacific Cod Portions

Alaskan Jack's Pink Salmon Dumplings

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A Responsibility to you, and the environment!

Frontier Harvest Alaskan Jack’s was created to capture the true essence of the American North Pacific Frontier, and the bountiful wild caught seafood of the region. What makes the Alaskan Jack’s products truly special is the combination of pristine, wild caught salmon with mouthwatering Fusion-flavored marinades and dry rub seasoning combinations. The Alaskan Jack’s brand is committed to producing wholesome products using only seafood native to the Pacific Northwest, prepared with the cleanest of ingredient statements.

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