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It’s September again, which means endless school responsibilities for both kids and parents. When you’re running your kids between soccer practice, piano lessons, and worrying about packing lunches, attending PTA meetings, all while managing your own busy schedule, it’s easy to let dinner become an afterthought. But before you resort to fast food, canned soup, or TV dinners for your family’s dinner, we have a message for you: Alaskan Jack’s makes delicious, healthy meals easy!


Our Carribean Jerk Rub Sockeye Salmon is a great robust option for adventurous eaters in your family.

At Alaskan Jack’s, our seafood is rubbed with or marinated in delicious seasonings, taking the hassle out of preparing family meals. We have exciting, robust meal options like Caribbean Jerk Rub Sockeye Salmon, Sweet Chile Marinade Keta Salmon and Sriracha Rub North Pacific Cod available for families of adventurous eaters. And we have flavors like Lemon Herb Butter North Pacific Cod and Tuscan Garden Rub Keta Salmon for the milder palate, or a table full of picky eaters.

The variety of interesting flavors is only one reason why Alaskan Jack’s is your answer for school year meals. The other is the ease of preparation. Many people think that a delicious fish dinner takes a lot of prep work, a lot of forethought, and lots of cleanup afterwards. With Alaskan Jack’s, this couldn’t be further from the case. Our frozen fillets are fast to prepare, you don’t even have to thaw, — simply put the frozen fillets in the oven for a few minutes (as instructed) and they’re ready to serve. Plus, since they’re frozen, you don’t have to worry about them going bad if you don’t use them right away. They’re ready to cook anytime you’re ready to eat. And since they cook on a baking sheet, there is virtually no cleanup.


Our Tusgen Garden Rub Keta Salmon is a great option for the milder palate or the picky eaters at your table.

The best part is that the ease of preparing Alaskan Jack’s seafood and the wide variety of delicious flavors available doesn’t mean a compromise on the quality or the affordability one bit. Our salmon and cod are all wild-caught in the Pacific Ocean, making them healthier than their farm-raised, Atlantic alternatives. And we are dedicated to making our meals affordable for you too, and easy to find in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store near you.

Just because your family is busy will all the responsibilities of fall doesn’t mean you have to compromise by eating a boring or an unhealthy dinner. Check out all of our products to find an exciting flavor that your family will love. Plus, take a look at our recipe box and our Pinterest page for inspiration for side dishes to complement your Alaskan Jack dinner.

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