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Stress-Free, Healthy Crowd-Pleasing Dinner for The Holidays: Wild-Caught Citrus Pepper Keta Salmon

Stress-Free, Healthy Crowd-Pleasing Dinner for The Holidays: Wild-Caught Citrus Pepper Keta Salmon

citrus pepper keta salmon fillet

The holidays always make for a hectic kitchen. With the huge production of the family meals in the back all of our minds, we often dread thinking about dinner for the rest of the season. But thanks to Alaskan Jack’s, you have the perfect option that is predictably tasty for all palettes, and is healthy for the whole family, and most importantly, it’s easy to make: Alaskan Jack’s wild-caught Citrus Pepper Keta Salmon, available as a 1.25 lb fillet, or as a pack of two 6 oz. fillets.

Lemon pepper seasoning is made from granulated lemon zest and cracked pepper corns. The two ingredients are combined, which allows the two flavors to blend together deliciously. Lemon pepper seasoning is probably the single most popular way to prepare fish. The lemon zest adds a fresh zing of flavor, while the pepper adds in a little bit of a kick. While people often associate lemon flavoring with a milder whitefish, the tanginess also pairs very nicely with a more flavorful fish, like our wild-caught salmon.

Because lemon pepper seasoning is such a familiar flavor with fish, you can count on even the pickiest eaters in your family being content with our lemon pepper rubbed keta salmon dinner. That is important on Thanksgiving week, where the last thing that anyone needs is stress in the kitchen. Beyond the contentment that comes with knowing your whole family will want to eat it, you can also rest assured that there’s virtually no prep and a really easy cleanup as well. Whether you’re cooking our 6 oz. fillets or our 1.25 lb fillet, you can prepare your meal very easily on the grill or in the oven. Follow the instructions on the box, and always use a thermometer to make sure your fish reaches an internal temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

Although our wild-caught lemon pepper rubbed Keta Salmon is a reliable crowd pleaser, we have a number of wild-caught salmon and cod options for palettes ranging from picky to adventurous. Check out all of our exciting flavors.

Alaskan Jack’s Is Your Answer to Keeping Delicious, Healthy Meals on our Table This New School Year

Alaskan Jack’s Is Your Answer to Keeping Delicious, Healthy Meals on our Table This New School Year

It’s September again, which means endless school responsibilities for both kids and parents. When you’re running your kids between soccer practice, piano lessons, and worrying about packing lunches, attending PTA meetings, all while managing your own busy schedule, it’s easy to let dinner become an afterthought. But before you resort to fast food, canned soup, or TV dinners for your family’s dinner, we have a message for you: Alaskan Jack’s makes delicious, healthy meals easy!


Our Carribean Jerk Rub Sockeye Salmon is a great robust option for adventurous eaters in your family.

At Alaskan Jack’s, our seafood is rubbed with or marinated in delicious seasonings, taking the hassle out of preparing family meals. We have exciting, robust meal options like Caribbean Jerk Rub Sockeye Salmon, Sweet Chile Marinade Keta Salmon and Sriracha Rub North Pacific Cod available for families of adventurous eaters. And we have flavors like Lemon Herb Butter North Pacific Cod and Tuscan Garden Rub Keta Salmon for the milder palate, or a table full of picky eaters.

The variety of interesting flavors is only one reason why Alaskan Jack’s is your answer for school year meals. The other is the ease of preparation. Many people think that a delicious fish dinner takes a lot of prep work, a lot of forethought, and lots of cleanup afterwards. With Alaskan Jack’s, this couldn’t be further from the case. Our frozen fillets are fast to prepare, you don’t even have to thaw, — simply put the frozen fillets in the oven for a few minutes (as instructed) and they’re ready to serve. Plus, since they’re frozen, you don’t have to worry about them going bad if you don’t use them right away. They’re ready to cook anytime you’re ready to eat. And since they cook on a baking sheet, there is virtually no cleanup.


Our Tusgen Garden Rub Keta Salmon is a great option for the milder palate or the picky eaters at your table.

The best part is that the ease of preparing Alaskan Jack’s seafood and the wide variety of delicious flavors available doesn’t mean a compromise on the quality or the affordability one bit. Our salmon and cod are all wild-caught in the Pacific Ocean, making them healthier than their farm-raised, Atlantic alternatives. And we are dedicated to making our meals affordable for you too, and easy to find in the frozen food aisle of a grocery store near you.

Just because your family is busy will all the responsibilities of fall doesn’t mean you have to compromise by eating a boring or an unhealthy dinner. Check out all of our products to find an exciting flavor that your family will love. Plus, take a look at our recipe box and our Pinterest page for inspiration for side dishes to complement your Alaskan Jack dinner.

Product Feature: Pineapple Teriyaki Marinade Premium Wild Caught Salmon Fillets

Product Feature: Pineapple Teriyaki Marinade Premium Wild Caught Salmon Fillets

Of the countless ways to prepare fish around the world, one of the most popular ways is teriyaki style. At Alaskan Jack’s, we couldn’t think of a better way to prepare our premium wild-caught sockeye salmon than with a delicious pineapple teriyaki marinade.

Premium Sockeye Salmon Pineapple Teriyaki MarinadeTeriyaki sauce is named after the Japanese cooking technique by the same name. The word teriyaki, in Japanese is a combination of the words tare, which describes the shininess of the sauce from the sugar content, and yaki, which is a cooking method of grilling or broiling. The cooking technique has been traced as far back as the seventeenth century in Japan, when modernizations in farming and greater exposure to other ingredients from around the world inspired chefs and cooks to invent new preparation methods.

In Japan, teriyaki sauce is traditionally made by heating soy sauce, sake, and sugar. As it heats up, it becomes the thick marinade that so many people crave. Ginger and onions are often added, either to the sauce or as a garnish to the dish when it is ready to serve. Another popular modification of teriyaki sauce around the world is the addition of pineapple juice. While pineapple juice obviously adds a sweetness to the sauce, it is also popular for another reason. Pineapple sauce contains bromelain enzymes that helps tenderize the fish as it cooks.

The fusion of the pineapple with the distinct teriyaki flavor creates a balanced, sweet island marinade that is the perfect accent to our wild-caught sockeye salmon. While people around the world have applied teriyaki sauce successfully to all sorts of meat, the Japanese cooks who invented the technique intended it for wild-caught fish. Our premium sockeye salmon is wild-caught in the Pacific Ocean, just like the fish that the inventers of teriyaki would have used.

In keeping with the Japanese tradition, you can grill or broil our pineapple teriyaki marinade premium wild-caught sockeye salmon fillets. But in the interest of making an easy to prepare meal, we also have instructions for how to bake our sockeye fillets. It all depends on what you like best.  Our package comes with two separately packaged five-ounce fillets, the perfect portion for a dinner for two, or two separate meals for one.

Beyond our pineapple teriyaki marinade premium wild-caught sockeye salmon fillets, Alaskan Jack’s has many types of wild-caught fish dinners that are either marinated or dry-rubbed and ready to cook. Click here to learn about all of our exciting fish and flavor options.

Celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month with our Jerk Sockeye Salmon

Celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month with our Jerk Sockeye Salmon

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of the White House proclaiming June as Caribbean Heritage Month here in the United States. The decision to celebrate Caribbean Heritage in June came as a reason to remember the impact that Caribbean Heritage has had on the United States. One of the most noticeable impacts of Caribbean culture is through the cuisine, and that is why June is the perfect time to try Alaskan Jack’s Caribbean Jerk Rub wild-caught Sockeye fillets.

There are many theories of the origins of jerk spice rub. Some of the most common theories trace the seasoning style all the way back to West Africa, and then on to Jamaica during British colonization in the 1600s. Over the hundreds of years since then, the seasoning has evolved and changed based on the peppers and spices growing in the seasons and locations where the food was being prepared.

caribean-jerk-sockeye_400Through all of these years and adaptations, the staple spice that gives jerk seasoning its distinctive flavor is allspice, a spice with another rich history in the Caribbean. Allspice is the dried, unripe berries from the pimento trees, an evergreen shrub indigenous to the Caribbean islands, Mexico, and Central America. Allspice first made its way to the Western World by way of Christopher Columbus, who encountered it during one of his early voyages to the New World. In Jamaica, the spice is known as pimento, but records from as early as the 1600s show that English colonists began referring to it as “allspice” because they thought that it tasted like a combination of a number of flavorful spices, including cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves.

In the present day, Caribbean food and jerk seasoning can be found all over the world and on all different types of meats. One of the most delicious applications for jerk seasoning is on salmon, and this is the root of our recipe for jerk-rubbed wild-caught sockeye salmon fillets. Although our sockeye salmon are wild caught in the pristine waters of the Pacific Northwest, a long way from Jamaica, the addition of Caribbean flavor to the wild salmon fillets is a delicious combination. Our salmon is seasoned with a combination of allspice, red and black pepper, and thyme, which produces an authentic, bold, sweet-spicy Caribbean flavor.

You can purchase celebrate Caribbean Heritage Month with our Caribbean Jerk Rub Premium Wild-Caught Sockeye Salmon. And make sure to try all of our exciting, interesting flavors of premium, wild-caught salmon and cod at a grocery store near you. Click here to find out which stores carry our products.

Kick Off Grilling Season with Our 1.25-lb. Wild-Caught Keta Salmon Fillets

Kick Off Grilling Season with Our 1.25-lb. Wild-Caught Keta Salmon Fillets

Summer is just around the corner. The weather is getting warm, the days are getting longer, and picnics and outdoor parties are popping up on the calendar. With Memorial Day, we can also mark the official beginning to grilling season for 2016. So whether you prefer charcoal or gas, it’s time to start preparing some delicious food.

With Alaskan Jack’s, there is more to grilling than just hot dogs and hamburgers. All of our wild-caught salmon and cod products are delicious when grilled (especially the Pink Salmon Burgers), but as this grilling season begins, we’re especially excited to tell you about our Wild Caught 1.25-lb. Keta Salmon Fillets. The well-documented health benefits of wild-caught salmon make it a delicious and healthy meal option for your picnic, and this larger cut of fish lends itself perfectly to grilling, with enough meat to feed several family members or picnic guests.

salmon-fillets-blackened-heatThe beauty of the Wild Caught 1.25-lb Keta Salmon Fillets is the simplicity of the preparation. While you may have shied away from preparing fish on the grill because it seems complicated, these products, like all of Alaskan Jack’s wild-caught fish, come frozen and pre-seasoned. You don’t even need to thaw them before throwing them on the grill. Following the instructions on the packaging, you simply fire up the grill to a medium-high heat and place your fillet directly on the rack. You’ll have flaky, delicious salmon ready to share with your picnic guests in no time. The ease of preparation of the salmon will make it easy for you to throw some sliced zucchini, squash, mushrooms or eggplant on the grill to serve as sides. (Don’t worry—if grilling isn’t your thing, these fillets also taste great when baked.)

We offer our Wild-Caught 1.25-lb Keta Salmon Fillets in two of our most popular rubs: Blackened Heat, and Citrus Pepper. The Blackened Heat rub is a coarse blend of black and red pepper that brings a fiery, robust flavor that blends nicely with the flavors added from the grill. Our Citrus Pepper rub was borne from a traditional lemon and black pepper flavoring for salmon, which is also accentuated by the smoke and the light charring of the grill.salmon-fillets-citrus-pepper

If you want to grill a meal but you only need a smaller portion of Alaskan Jack’s wild-caught salmon or cod or you’re interested in trying a different one of our many tasty flavors, that’s easy too. Simply place the 5-oz. fillets in an aluminum foil packet and cook until the fish is flaky and tender, making sure it reaches a minimum interior temperature of 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

This grilling season, don’t settle for something boring and unhealthy. Treat yourself and your guests to the easy to make, high-quality, wild-caught Alaskan Jack’s salmon and cod. And don’t forget, at Alaskan Jack’s we have fish and flavors for all seasons and taste palettes. Check out some of our other delicious offerings here.

Cod and the Alaskan Lifestyle

Cod and the Alaskan Lifestyle

With this being Earth Month, I wanted to stop and reflect on my home. I love living in Alaska because of the abundance of land and wildlife. It’s the largest state in the United States and it’s not even close—at over 663,000 square miles, it’s larger than the next three largest states (Texas, California and Montana) combined. And this land is great land—there are 8 National Parks and countless other natural resources and forests.

Cod-photo-SrirachaObviously, as a fisherman, it’s not just the land that I love. The interior of Alaska has over 3,100 officially named lakes, and over 3 million unnamed natural lakes filled with hundreds of types of fish. As you know, my passion is for saltwater fishing, and there is no better place for this either. Alaska has almost 34,000 miles of ocean coastline (according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) and is world-renowned for its countless types of fish, crustaceans, shellfish and mollusks.

So with such an abundance of seafood at my fingertips, you may be wondering how I arrived at the decision to catch and sell Pacific Cod. Salmon was obvious, since everyone knows about the abundant salmon resources, but many people don’t know much about Cod. Cod might be just the tasty, healthy meal you’re looking for.

For starters, Cod is a great fish for people who don’t think they like fish—it’s a white fish that is mild in flavor. But there’s more to it than just a mild flavor. Cod has a lot of great health benefits. It’s a great source of protein without being high in calories.  Cod is also great for heart and circulatory health because of its omega-3 fatty acids and it is rich in a number of B-vitamins, including B6, B12 and niacin. These heart healthy nutrients in Cod can lead to benefits like protecting you against heart arrhythmia, lowering triglycerides, prevent high blood pressure, and even protect against a heart attack. Heart health is something I’m conscious of as a man of a certain age, but studies have shown that eating just 10-ounces of omega-3 rich fish like Cod each week can protect you against these factors all of your life, regardless of age.

lemon-herb_400When it comes to the flavors of our Wild-Caught Pacific Cod here at Alaskan Jack, I have something for everybody. For people who like the classic preparation style, my Lemon Herb Butter Marinade is the answer. If you’re looking for some Latin-American zing, our Chili Lime Rub preparation adds some tart flavor with some gentle heat that adds nicely to the mild taste of the Cod. Or, if you’re in the mood for a little Asian heat, our Sriracha Rub preparation adds the heat and flavor of the popular Thai spice without being too hot to enjoy.

All of my flavors of Wild-Caught Pacific Cod, as well as my Wild-Caught Salmon and Salmon Burgers are available at a store near you. Click here to learn more.

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