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You all know how much I love fishing and the great outdoors from my previous posts, and of course, how much I love my home state of Alaska. But one of my other favorite hobbies goes hand in hand with all of these other adventures—photography. Now I’m no professional, but I do take pride in a lot of the photos I’ve taken from my various adventures. But the more time I spend exploring Alaska’s endless acreage (not quite endless, but there are 663,300 square miles), the more I realize that my photography skills themselves have a lot of leeway because Alaska gives me such beautiful things to photograph.

These are some of my favorite things to photograph (with my own pictures providing visual support):


Mountains are a favorite subject of many photographers, and Alaska is a perfect place to look for mountains. The state is comprised of 14 major mountain ranges, with hundreds of peaks. In fact, Alaska has 60 different mountains that surpass 10,000 ft. above sea level. There are mountains everywhere you turn. The great part about photographing mountains is the how striking they are against the sky. Speaking of which…

The Big Sky

At a glance, this photo features a lot of boats in a marina. But the reason I love this photo is not because of the things in the foreground, but rather, it’s all about what’s in the background. The bright blue sky with puffy clouds framed against the jagged snow-capped mountains looks too good to be true—it looks like it came straight out of a Bob Ross painting, doesn’t it? Even our state flag, which features the Big Dipper and the North Star, can’t help but acknowledge the vastness of the sky in Alaska.


Thousands of miles of undeveloped land means thousands of miles of wild plants. These mountain wildflowers and their bright purple make for a striking photo as they pop out with the water and snow capped mountain backdrop.


It’s not always easy to capture them on camera, but Alaska’s coastline and mountains are full of beautiful animals of all shapes and sizes. I was lucky enough to spot an American Bald Eagle in a tree as I was exploring one day. I know there are a few branches in the way, but I can’t deny that photographing the national bird in its native habitat is one of the coolest experiences from all of my explorations.

Maritime Culture

I’ve spent a large portion of my life on a boat, but that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the simple elegance of a fishing boat in the harbor. With 6,640 miles of coastline, there are unlimited opportunities to snap a photo of a boat or a fisherman in Alaska.

Winding Roads

Alaska’s road system is far from comprehensive—in fact, many of its towns can only be reached by aircraft. But the roads that do exist are interesting. Winding along shorelines, carved into the side of mountains, and often surrounded with trees and wildlife, Alaska’s roads provide an interesting piece of the narrative about the efforts of humans to tame the Alaskan frontier.


Alaska has a fascinating cultural history, with its connections to Native Americans, Russians, and Americans from various walks of life and time periods. This photo, commemorating the Yukon gold rush tells the story of some of the early Americans to explore “The Last Frontier.”
Do you have any photos from your adventures that you’d like to add? I’d love to see them. Share them by posting on our Facebook page.

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