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old-halloween-1Have you started thinking about your Halloween costume yet? I always begin my Halloween costume preparations early, because I take great pride in my costume looking really awesome. The internet has definitely revolutionized the costume preparation process, both in the ideas and inspiration that is out there (hello Pinterest), and the ease of finding and ordering literally any item you could possibly imagine on the likes of Amazon and eBay. I’ll admit that I use the internet to supplement my costumes sometimes, but I really love the tradition of scouring local shops for costumes and accessories. It almost feels like a riddle to solve—I know exactly what I’m looking for, and I just have to figure out where I could possibly find it while not spending a fortune.

I’ve dressed up as many things over the years—some of the highlights have included Ernest Hemmingway (beard, corn cob pipe, and a fisherman sweater,), James Bond (white tux, martini glass, and a toy gun with a shoulder holster), and “The Most Interesting Man” (beard, black suit, unbuttoned dress shirt with no tie, six-pack of beer, and a jai alai stick). My all-time favorite getup, though, was the time I dressed up as a swashbuckling pirate. I already spend my life out on the seven seas, catching wild salmon and cod for you and your family. But it was funny to me to channel the sea theme into a buccaneer, complete with three-cornered hat, red bandanna, high socks, plastic cutlass, and a puffy shirt. For good measure, I threw in some fake gold teeth and drew some nautical tattoos onto my forearms.

In my years of observing as my friends compile their Halloween costumes, I’ve noticed three major personality types.

  1. First of all, there are the people who go all out, like me (and some people who even go beyond my level, sparing no expense to make the perfect costume. These people often keep their costume a secret until the last minute, and they can hardly contain the excitement of walking into a Halloween party and debuting the results of their hard work.
  2. The second personality is the pre-packaged store-bought costume type. These people are perfectionists about the appearance of their costumes, but they are a little less confident that they could create a costume that would live up to their vision for the costume. Don’t mistake their lack of skills with spray paint and sewing machines as laziness, though. These people search high and low to find the perfect costume (although they do spend the night in fear that a costume twin will walk into their party).
  3. The final type is the last-minute costume extraordinaire. Whether this person decided, at the last minute, to come to the party, or they procrastinated, it’s often pretty creative what these people are able to come up with. These costumes are made exclusively from items found in this person’s house or garage. Some of the most awesome costumes I’ve ever seen have come from last minute ideas, but I’ve also seen my fair share of super lame last-minute costumes too…like a toga made out of a Power Rangers bed sheet. Moral of the story: either plan ahead, or be prepared to laugh at yourself.

The good news for this year’s Alaskan Jack’s Halloween Photo Contest is that we don’t care whether you’ve been planning your costume since last January, whether you bought it at your local party store, or whether you whipped it together thirty seconds before submitting (although we are judging based on creativity). Just submit your photos to us on Facebook, and I’ll pick out the ones I like best. With your photo you will be entered to win Alaskan Jack’s meals, and one lucky grand prize winner will get a Weber charcoal grill, grilling utensils, and Alaskan Jack’s products ($200 value). Two runners up will get an Alaskan Jack’s Product Prize Pack ($35 value). Click here for official rules and entry instructions.

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