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Of the countless ways to prepare fish around the world, one of the most popular ways is teriyaki style. At Alaskan Jack’s, we couldn’t think of a better way to prepare our premium wild-caught sockeye salmon than with a delicious pineapple teriyaki marinade.

Premium Sockeye Salmon Pineapple Teriyaki MarinadeTeriyaki sauce is named after the Japanese cooking technique by the same name. The word teriyaki, in Japanese is a combination of the words tare, which describes the shininess of the sauce from the sugar content, and yaki, which is a cooking method of grilling or broiling. The cooking technique has been traced as far back as the seventeenth century in Japan, when modernizations in farming and greater exposure to other ingredients from around the world inspired chefs and cooks to invent new preparation methods.

In Japan, teriyaki sauce is traditionally made by heating soy sauce, sake, and sugar. As it heats up, it becomes the thick marinade that so many people crave. Ginger and onions are often added, either to the sauce or as a garnish to the dish when it is ready to serve. Another popular modification of teriyaki sauce around the world is the addition of pineapple juice. While pineapple juice obviously adds a sweetness to the sauce, it is also popular for another reason. Pineapple sauce contains bromelain enzymes that helps tenderize the fish as it cooks.

The fusion of the pineapple with the distinct teriyaki flavor creates a balanced, sweet island marinade that is the perfect accent to our wild-caught sockeye salmon. While people around the world have applied teriyaki sauce successfully to all sorts of meat, the Japanese cooks who invented the technique intended it for wild-caught fish. Our premium sockeye salmon is wild-caught in the Pacific Ocean, just like the fish that the inventers of teriyaki would have used.

In keeping with the Japanese tradition, you can grill or broil our pineapple teriyaki marinade premium wild-caught sockeye salmon fillets. But in the interest of making an easy to prepare meal, we also have instructions for how to bake our sockeye fillets. It all depends on what you like best.  Our package comes with two separately packaged five-ounce fillets, the perfect portion for a dinner for two, or two separate meals for one.

Beyond our pineapple teriyaki marinade premium wild-caught sockeye salmon fillets, Alaskan Jack’s has many types of wild-caught fish dinners that are either marinated or dry-rubbed and ready to cook. Click here to learn about all of our exciting fish and flavor options.

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